the end of an era

forest north

It’s the end of an era. 

After working with over one hundred authors and supporting those same authors with the publication of over 150 books, it’s time for The Eclectic Editor to rest.

I created this site three years ago now, during a time where I wanted to provide a service to writers, and didn’t know how to offer them anything more.

Something I’ve learned during those three years is that I was offering more, whether or not I knew how to market it. I’ve spoken with so many of you over these last few years, and you’ve reflected back everything I’ve given to you–emotional support, a sense of being believed in, and confidence in your writing–in addition to the hundreds of thousands of changes: typos eliminated, funky constructions eradicated, plot holes filled, and on and on.

It’s been an honor to serve you as the Eclectic Editor. 

But I also have to be honest with myself. As much as I’ve loved being a service provider, it’s time for me to truly open up my capacity to serve. I want to help writers who haven’t yet finished their books. I want to bring writers together, so we can support each other. And I want to focus on–and nourish–the relationships I’ve created with you. I want you, and other writers like you, to feel good about the work you do, and that means serving the whole author, and not just the books that they create.

I’ve created Forest North Books to do that very thing.

I’d love it if you’d follow me over to Forest North. I’ve never created something I’m quite so proud of in my entire life.

It would be an honor to share my new digs with you.

Click here to start exploring Forest North. I’ll see you in the forest. <3

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